Family Advice

But, HOW are you going to get my kids to be themselves around you? A total stranger? 

Well, I’m going to be silly too. I try to be how I would with my own kids, and it almost always works! I ALWAYS ask kids to be themselves and hang out with each other as if I wasn’t there. You have seen through my Family Portfolio that I take a lot of classic portraits too, but these ones are also gems, photos that they’ll look back on and remember just how much they loved their siblings.

And also drove each other a little crazy;)

Because life isn’t perfect. It isn’t supposed to be.

Can you pose us so that I look my best?

Of COURSE! I am always conscious of body language and what is most flattering for everyone. With that being said, you are beautiful just as you are. I’m always nervous if my stomach looks big in photos. But the truth is, our kids just don’t care what bumps or bruises we have. They care about US. And just want mom-snuggles.

What is a “Real Life” session?

A Real Life session is when I come into your home, or to your family gathering, and photograph you and your family just as they are. No posing, just you. It is one of my favorite ways to work with families. I know very well how fast time goes by with little kids running around the house and how we need to hold on to the ones we love.

Being there for your family reunion…

The first time your grandkids make smores…

Your beautiful life, just as it is.