Wedding Advice

What is your photography style?

Connection. I am very drawn to connection and am always searching to photograph the rawness, the realness, the moments that define who we are to each other. I often describe my photography style as creative documentary. I photograph your wedding as it unfolds, but also suggest the best light for you to stand in.

I work to show what it feels like to be a part of your wedding, your family, your life. This requires trust and vulnerability from my clients. Something I strive to get from you from Day 1.

How can my fiance and I take a better photo?

My best advice? Be silly. Be YOU.

I know it’s not easy to be yourself with a camera pointed straight at you. For some, posing is easy, for the other 89 percent of us- we feel like aliens took over our bodies and we don’t remember how to move our arms. BUT the good news is, we ALL have little things we do with each other that can really bring out a sense of ease or a gesture that can get us to relax or laugh. For example, I know that I have to grab my husband’s butt to get him to laugh. Because laughter really is what looks best on you. On everyone.

What do you think about First Sights with parents?

YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!! One of the greatest bonds you will ever have is with your parents. And I LOVE documenting their reaction to seeing their baby girl as a bride.

What if my wedding runs late?!

If your wedding ends up running late, don’t worry. We will already be prepared. About 90% of weddings have one or two aspects that run later than expected. I always advise my brides to put a 20 minute cushion on their wedding day time-line, so that you are prepared for any hiccups that may happen as your day unfolds. This really helps put everyone, especially the bride, at ease to know that we are prepared and can adjust to anything that comes our way.

My fiance hates being photographed. 

So do I! Well, kind of. I always get super nervous in front of the camera so I really empathize with people who have anxiety about their shoots. This is one of the major reasons I include an engagement session with all of my wedding packages. I want you to feel comfortable around me and feel like you can let your guard down. And, as I’ve mentioned before, I always encourage my clients to play and giggle and really help each other feel at ease.

What if it RAINS on my wedding day!?

We can’t predict mother nature, or move our wedding date due to an unexpected rain shower. We can, however, make the best of it. Just about every wedding venue I know of has an unexpected weather backup plan. And, although it may change your original vision, you may end up with something even more meaningful and stunning. After all, you can’t get a rainbow without a little storm.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! I have photographed weddings in Oregon, New Jersey, and California. I also love to explore new areas of Arizona with my clients during a Day After session:) Contact me and let’s go on an adventure!